I started Project open Paw around 2 years ago when I started working for a local dog boarding kennel and couldn’t help noticing and befriending the many dogs and their people in the homeless encampments around the outskirts of the Mission district and especially under the freeways.

I saw an opportunity to salvage perfectly good dog food that was being thrown away if the dogs weren’t eating and thus began the journey and mission to feed these beautiful dogs. It grew to become one of the things that has brought me the greatest joy and happiness I have ever known in my life, Feeding ,interacting with, Providing blankets, treats, toys, and the essential kibble, Occasionally getting to bring them to work with me and give them baths or a quiet place to stay for a few hours and just straight up LOVING them.

Many have come and gone , disappeared and reappeared from my life, But every one has touched me and enriched my life that words cannot begin to describe. Recent policy changes have cut off the lifeblood of my operation, The kibble. So I am asking all of you to donate any unwanted food that your dog’s don’t like, Food you find off the street, Anything helps and is better than what they would eat with out our help.

I have Go fund me , Twitter and Instagram accounts all set up under the name Project Open Paw and encourage each of you to give with all your hearts, Message me here or any of the other accounts and I will gladly pick up food here in the city or tell you where you can get it to me. Thank you all and please spread the word as far and wide as you can. With great appreciation, Paul Crowell